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Develop an integrated competency-based talent management system.

Competency Dictionary

Practical, simple, easy to understand and use by all employees.

Competency Dictionary

Build a competency framework and models customized to your unique culture.

Competency Dictionary

Common skills & characteristics are always described with the  same competency names.

Competency Dictionary

IP license permits total flexibility. Add, modify, or delete competencies as needed.

Competency Dictionary

Includes a Quick-Start Competency-Modeling program.

Competency Dictionary

Can be easily integrated into your own HRIS.

Competency Dictionary

Reasonable, one-time license fee, with no annual renewal fees.

Competency Dictionary

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

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The 35 Workitect Competencies

Competency Dictionary
Competency Dictionary
Competency Dictionary

Each Competency Defined by Level of Proficiency and Job Role

Competency Dictionary

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Competency Dictionary

What Is this Competency Dictionary?

To base your talent management system on competent performance, there’s no better place to start than this Competency Dictionary from Workitect. It empowers you to create a flexible competency framework and customized job competency models for your firm.

With this library of 35 core competencies, you can define competencies and create models for each important job, adapted to the culture and organization of your company. The competencies in this Dictionary cover the gamut of skills needed in a successful organization, defining them in terms that every employee can understand. They are grouped into these categories:

  • People Competencies, including leadership, communication, and influencing skills
  • Business Competencies, including preventing and solving problems, and achieving results
  • Self-Management Competencies, including developing personal traits, like self-confidence

What Can this Dictionary Include?

Your intellectual property license will give you the freedom and flexibility to customize all contents to fit your firm. Delivered in several formats, including Microsoft Word, you’ll find the Workitect Competency Dictionary easy to use and understand.

Included with your purchase of the Competency Dictionary are these companion resources:

Competency Dictionary
Competency Dictionary

Why Should I Buy this Dictionary?

Hundreds of companies are moving to talent management systems based on standardized and shared definitions of what competent performance looks like. This gives them an objective, validated basis for evaluating competent performance and prescribing practical objectives to further develop competencies.

Based on 30 years of validated research, this Dictionary assures you that your talent management system and competency models will be built on a solid foundation. Over 200 organizations have utilized this reference library without changes or with customized competencies and models.

Using the Workitect Competency Dictionary will save time and money in building a competency-based system, while having the confidence that your efforts are based on tested, research-based content.

Why not learn more about how this Dictionary can benefit your company? Fill out the inquiry form, and we’ll send you all the details, so you can evaluate how this resource can help you and your firm. Do it now! Or give us a call to quickly find out more.

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Organizations Using This Dictionary


Charles Schwab Corporation
Central Bank of Belize
Central Pacific Bank
Eagle River Credit Union
First Commonwealth Financial
Foresters Financial
Gulf Investment Corporation (Kuwait)
International Capital Trading LLC
Latin American Agriculture Business Development Corp. LAAD
Matthews International Capital Management
Security Finance Corporation
Student Loan Hero, Inc.

AMICO-Gibraltar Industries
Armon, Inc.
Clark, Richardson, and Biskup (CRB)
Enclos Corporation
Fulton Hogan (New Zealand)
Michael Baker International
F.E. Moran, Inc.
Sellen Construction

Bob Barker Company
Honickman Companies
NMC, Inc.

Davenport University

Baker International
ENSTAR Natural Gas
Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries
Otter Tail Corporation
S&C Electric Company

Chicago Transit Authority
City of Barrie, Canada
State of California
City of Las Vegas
Pension Benefit and Guarantee Corporation
St. Johns River Water Management
U.S. General Services Administration
City of West Palm Beach

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
Fortune Pharmacal (Hong Kong)
Omnicell, Inc.

AMICO-Gibraltar Industries
Cadence Aerospace
KIK Custom Products
Maxion Wheels
Menasha Corporation
Phoenix Contact, Inc.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
cbm Canada
Diocese of Metuchen (NJ)
General Board of Pension and Health Benefits

Custom Ink
The Dairy Farm Company Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Honickman Companies
Mary Kay Inc.
S&D Coffee & Tea, Inc.

Avito, Moscow, Russia
BrilliantFIT Pty Ltd, Australia
CubeSmart, L.P.
E3 Federal Solutions, LLC
Luckie & Company
Meat & Livestock Australia Limited
F.E. Moran, Inc.
Sitecore (U.S. Operations)
PGA Tour

Amyris, Inc.
GTECH (IGT) Corporation
Phoenix Contact, Inc.
Red Hat
PT Kairos Utama, Indonesia
TIBCO Software Inc.
Sitecore (U.S. Operations)
Volume 9 Inc.
Yoco Technologies (South Africa)

Air Canada
Chicago Transit Authority
Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

Blue Cross Blue Shield FL & MA
Legal and General America
Magellan Health
Missouri Employers Mutual
Western Health Advantage

What Our Clients Are Saying

Shannon Johnson

Blue Cross Blue Shield
“In an environment where everyone is quick to tell you the value of competency models, Workitect is one of the few organizations that actually teach a repeatable process for building customized models.”

Mary Kay LaBrie

SCC Soft Computer
“My organization uses the Workitect methodology for writing competency models because it’s structured enough to give us direction, but the many tools provided also allow for flexibility. The models we designed using the Workitect approach helped our company revamp our entire performance development process. “

Ruben Decoud

Mary Kay Inc.
Workitect brought a significant amount of practical expertise in Competency Model design to the table. This helped us decide on what the best approach would be early into the project, given our particular corporate culture and context. Workitect was able to present alternatives that felt right for us, without feeling like we were getting ‘off the shelf’ products.”

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