Live Online Building Competency Models Program Agenda

Pre-Workshop Orientation

Review objectives and content of program

Discuss participant’s needs and expectation

Consider possible adjustment of program schedule

Determine ground rules for sessions.

Session/Step 1. Conceptualizing the Project

  • Thinking through the business need
  • Clarifying the need with the sponsor
  • Developing an approach
  • Gaining the sponsors support for the approach
  • Three approaches to competency model building

Session/Step 2. Project Planning

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Structure of the project plan
  • Planning Worksheet

Session/Step 3. Data Collection

Data collection tasks

Primary data collection methods

Secondary data collection methods

  • Complete data gathering exercises
  • General approach for analyzing data

Session/Step 4. Data Analysis and Coding

  • Analyzing data from job analysis interviews
  • Analyzing data from structured event interviews
  • Integrate data from all sources
  • Target data exercise
  • Coding Exercise
  • Analyzing data from resource panels

Session/Step 5. Building the Competency Model

  • Select a set of competencies
  • Create behavioral indicators
  • Identify clusters
  • Prepare draft of model
  • Review with sponsors

Session/Step 6. Developing Applications

  • Professional Development and Training
  • Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Other–Compensation, Culture change
  • Group discussions on specific applications

Session 7. Individual Consulting Assistance

  • In separate meetings, each participant (or project team) reviews their planned project, implementation plan, challenges, issues, etc. and receives consulting help from a Workitect consultant.

What Our Customers Say

“In an environment where everyone is quick to tell you the value of competency models, Workitect is one of the few organizations that actually teach a repeatable process for building customized models.”

Shannon Johnson, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“My organization uses the Workitect methodology for writing competency models because it’s structured enough to give us direction, but the many tools provided also allow for flexibility. The models we designed using the Workitect approach helped our company revamp our entire performance development process. “

Mary Kay LaBrie, SCC Soft Computer

Workitect brought a significant amount of practical expertise in Competency Model design to the table. This helped us decide on what the best approach would be early into the project, given our particular corporate culture and context. Workitect was able to present alternatives that felt right for us, without feeling like we were getting ‘off the shelf’ products.”

Ruben Decoud, Mary Kay Inc
Our HR Clients