Competency Model Workshops Overview

Workshops Overview

Building Competency Models

This three-day workshop enables participants to develop and implement competency models and competency-based talent management applications using a six-step process.

Learn how to collect, code, and analyze the data needed to build models using resource panels, job analysis interviews and structured event interviews.

Workshops Overview

Creating Technical Competencies

One-day workshop. Create a custom technical competencies dictionary. Collect and analyze data needed to determine and describe specific technical competencies to include in job competency models for professionals, technical, or functional positions.

Optional 4-day program: Building Competency Models workshop (3 days) followed by Creating Technical Competencies workshop (1 day)

Focused Competency Development Program

Advanced Competency Modeling

Two-day workshop. Apply model-building approaches to special situations not covered by standard methods. Build models and a talent management process that align with the organization’s culture, strategy, and business goals. Create technical competencies.

Workshops Overview

Interviewing for Competencies

One-day workshop that teaches participants how to use a competency and behavior-based assessment and interviewing process to conduct a structured behavioral event interview to assess an individual’s competencies. The process can also be used to collect data for developmental coaching and career counseling.

What Our Customers Say

“In an environment where everyone is quick to tell you the value of competency models, Workitect is one of the few organizations that actually teach a repeatable process for building customized models.”

Shannon Johnson, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“My organization uses the Workitect methodology for writing competency models because it’s structured enough to give us direction, but the many tools provided also allow for flexibility. The models we designed using the Workitect approach helped our company revamp our entire performance development process. “

Mary Kay LaBrie, SCC Soft Computer

Workitect brought a significant amount of practical expertise in Competency Model design to the table. This helped us decide on what the best approach would be early into the project, given our particular corporate culture and context. Workitect was able to present alternatives that felt right for us, without feeling like we were getting ‘off the shelf’ products.”

Ruben Decoud, Mary Kay Inc
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