The Workitect Career Development System

Set of Integrated Components for Selecting, Developing and Retaining Talent

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Competency Management System

All materials incorporate 35 foundational and leadership competencies that have been developed and tested over 40 years.

Create a Framework for an Integrated

Talent Management System.

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Build a Competency-Based Human Resources System for Your Organization

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Competency Development Guides
Competency Bundle

1. Career Development Guide

Resource Guides for Developing Competencies

Create derivatives of any part of this 280-page Guide, which includes nine exercises and forms to help people identify specific competencies to target for development and create development plans.

There is a section for each of 35 competencies that includes:

  • A definition and the specific behaviors of a person demonstrating the competency
  • Importance of the competency
  • General considerations in developing the competency
  • Practicing the competency
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Learning from experts
  • Coaching suggestions for managers
  • Sample development goals
  • Developmental resources
    • Books
    • Self-study courses
    • External courses and workshops

Example: Competency Development Guide for Strategic Thinking

Competency Interview Guides
Competency Bundle

2. Competency Interview Guides

Competency Interview Guides provide an easy-to-follow format for structured, behavioral-based interviews. Each Guide, with specific questions related to the competency, makes it easy for the hiring manager or interviewer to collect behavioral examples about a candidate’s relevant work experiences and accomplishments.

The Guides provide:

  • Specific questions and probes for each competency, 
  • Specific, high-quality behavioral data describing what superior performers do to achieve superior results,
  • Surfacing of non-obvious effective behaviors that job incumbents and their bosses may be unaware of or unable to articulate,
  • Strong evidence for a competency model’s validity – evidence that is especially important if the model will be used for external selection.

An intellectual property license permits organizations to:

  • Personalize and customize interviewing content
  • Enhance their interviewing application by adding unique criteria
  • Uniquely brand interviewing guides 
  • Reorganize interviewing guide templates

Example: Competency Interview Guide for Strategic Thinking

Competency Dictionary
Competency Bundle

3. Competency Dictionary

Identify competencies that reflect your organization’s mission, values, culture, and business strategy.

  • Comprehensive, but simplified – in language that every employee can understand.
  • Created over thirty years of practical application and validation.
  • Provided in a format that can easily be modified to better fit your organization. You have complete flexibility to use in any application: performance management, succession planning, 360° instruments, and other HR applications. Can be integrated into any HRIS system.

Use the dictionary to build a competency model now!

Follow the process described in an instructional program drawn from our Building Competency Models certification workshop.

The Competencies

Thirty-five competencies with definitions and behaviors, described in levels by job role (professional/specialist > supervisor/manager > director/executive) and levels of proficiency (basic > proficient > advanced).

Example: Strategic Thinking Competency

BONUS! System Includes Three Additional Resources

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