Global PerspectivePeople.  Not money, not buildings, not tools.  Competent people are your most valuable resource.  And in tough times, you need them more than ever. You need the right ones, the dedicated ones with drive and good instincts.  You want them as your managers, your supervisors, your division heads – organizers and visionaries who keep your business in top form, efficient now and prepared for the future.  And you want competence, dedication, and drive in your people:  Men and women who routinely get the job done right and on time.

But how can you find and retain those people?  And how can you promote those qualities among your existing employees?

These are the key questions that you need answered:

  •  How can I create and keep a unified, motivated workforce?
  •  How can I retain and develop my best people?
  • How do I find and assess candidates for important positions?

Competencies, job competency models and competency-based human resource applications can provide the answers.

Competencies are the skills and knowledge top performers apply in their work are called competencies. These competencies include personal characteristics, motives, self-concepts, knowledge, and behavioral skills.  The more complex the job, the more important these competencies are.

 Creating an Integrated Human Resource System

Competencies are the key to executing your organization’s strategy and reaching your long-range goals.  But the essential first step is establishing clear short-range and long-range directions.  Organizations that skimp on clarification risk developing competency programs that emphasize the wrong skills and confuse employees.

Once you’ve clarified your strategic directions you’re ready to build a competency-based system that will strengthen and support your organization into the future.  The result of this effort will be an integrated human resource system that:

  • Assesses the competencies of current employees
  • Rewards employees who meet job goals and develop target competencies
  • Provides training and development programs to build key competencies
  • Promotes employees strong in needed competencies to fill vacant positions

The Benefits of an Integrated System

The bottom-line benefits of a competency-based system are obvious: Employee motivation leads to increased productivity and higher profits.  But the real values of an integrated human resource system are more complex–and more powerful.  Focusing on competencies will renew your organization.  You’ll uncover startling energies and synergies that can give you the responsive, competitive edge you need.

To learn more about the benefits, and how to create an integrated system, download our 6-page booklet, Competencies & Competitiveness.


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