Levels of proficiency and job role level to illustrate increasing levels of proficiency that provides individuals with detailed roadmaps for increasing their capabilities incrementally.

Low one-time, no renewal license fee. $2.00 per employee.

– Ensure that common skills and characteristics are always described with the same competency names.

– Create a framework for an integrated talent management system.

The 35 Workitect Competencies are research-based competencies developed by Edward Cripe and Dr. Richard Mansfield, formerly consultants with Hay/McBer, the consulting firm that developed the original job competence assessment technology. The Competency Dictionary with levels of proficiency and job role is the result of over 40 years of extensive research to help organizations select and develop superior performing workforces.

This Competency Dictionary with levels is divided into three groups and four sub-groups (or clusters):

Competency Dictionary

FORMAT – Competency Dictionary With Levels – an Example

Competency Dictionary with Levels


Multiple Applications of a Competency Dictionary with Levels

Here are a few examples of applications you can create:

  • Create competency models for your organization,
  • Modify competency definitions to fit your corporate culture and business needs,
  • Integrate the competencies and definitions into your interview tools (or use our Competency Interview Guides that are included with the dictionary),
  • Create competency-based job profiles and descriptions,
  • Load competencies and development options (listed in our Competency Development Guide) into your performance management or talent management system,
  • Include competencies and definitions in performance reviews,
  • Include assessment of competencies in succession planning process.


An intellectual property license gives you the freedom and flexibility to copy and modify the competency dictionary with levels of proficiency and job role for use within your organization. You’ll save, time and money and have the confidence that your work products are based on tested, research-based content.


This is not a packed software program. It is intellectual property content that you can use in any way you choose, and integrate into your own HRIS or one you that purchase.

Optional Competency Bundle

The Competency Dictionary license is included with licenses for the Competency Development Guide and Competency Interview Guides.

Quick-Start Competency Modeling Instructional Program

Use the dictionary to build a competency model. Follow the process described in this self-instructional program drawn from the Workitect Building Competency Models certification workshop.

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Integrated Competency Management System that includes a Competency Dictionary, Competency Development Guides, and Competency Interview Guides.

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