Competency Bundle

Licensees of Workitect’s Competency Implementation Bundle (Competency Dictionary, Development Guide, and Interview Guides) have the rights to use the contents of these five Dropbox folders containing more than 1,000 pages in 53 documents:


1. Competency Dictionary

35 separate files – 35 competencies with definition and behavioral indicators by 3 levels of proficiency (basic, proficient, advanced) and 3 role levels (professional/specialist-supervisor/manager-director/executive) Word docs.

Coding Booklet. pdf 24 pages
Used to collect, organize and analyze data needed to build a competency model

Competency Assessment Model CBHR.xlsx
Spreadsheet – assess each competency on Importance to Job and Current Competency Level

Competency Dictionary.xlsx
Spreadsheet – competencies by clusters, definition, behavioral indicators

Workitect Competency Dictionary.doc
35 competencies with definition and behavioral indicators w/o levels

Options (if purchased)
35 competencies with definitions and behavioral indicators (w/o levels) in Spanish, German, French, Italian

2. Building a Basic Competency Model Guide (aka Quick-Start Competency Modeling Program)

A. Overview and Conceptualizing the Project

  • Competencies & Competency Models.pdf 16 pages
  • Competencies 101.ppt 19 slides
  • Conceptualizing the Project.pdf 10 pages
  • Doing Competencies Well-Best-Practices.pdf 37 pages
  • Integrating HR Processes.pdf 10 pages
  • The Case for a Competency-Based HR System.ppt 33 slides

B. Project Planning

Step 2.1 Project Planning.pdf 8 pages

Step 2.2 Worksheet. pdf 13 pages

C. Competency Implementation. Develop a Basic Model

3.1 Collect Data – Competency Modeling.pdf 14 pages

3.2 Steps in Building a Competency Model 5 pages

  • Competency Survey.pdf
  • Competency Requirements Questionnaire.pdf 10 pages
  • Competency Requirements Tabulation.pdf
  • Competency Dictionary.pdf 9 pages
  • Job Analysis Interview for Jobholders.pdf 8 pages
  • Job Analysis Interview for Managers of Jobholders.pdf 7 pages
  • Resource Materials – Word doc 32 pages
  • Resource Panel Analysis Questions.pdf 10 pages
  • Building Competency Models Workshop.pdf 11 pages

3. Competency Model Templates

In six different formats

  • Account Representative
  • Branch Manager
  • Call Center Manager
  • Controller (Finance)
  • Customer Service Consultant
  • Executive Team
  • Learning and Development Consultant
  • Marketing Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Retail – Merchants, Merchandise Planning, Stores
  • Sales Consultant
  • Web Host Manager

4. Competency Development Guide(s)

35 files – development guides for 35 competencies in Word doc. format

Each competency section includes:

  • A definition and observable behaviors that may indicate the existence of a competency in an individual
  • Importance of the competency
  • General considerations in developing the competency
  • Practicing the competency
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Learning from experts
  • Coaching suggestions for managers
  • Sample development goals
  • Resources: books, self-study courses, external courses and seminars

Complete Competency Development Guide_b&w version.pdf 276 pages
Available in Word doc format upon request

Complete Competency Development Guide_color version.pdf 276 pages


  • Strengths Pyramid.pdf
  • Career Planning Circles.pdf
  • Competency Development Planning_Form.pdf
  • Development Action_Plan_Needs.pdf
  • Development Action_Plan_Strengths.pdf
  • Competency Selector.pdf
  • Self Rating_People.pdf
  • Self Rating_Business.pdf
  • Self Rating_Personal.pdf

5. Competency Interview Guides

Folder with 35 files of interview guides (4-5 pages each) for 35 competencies in Word doc. format

Folder with 35 files of interview guides (4-5 pages each) in pdf format

Folder with 8 graphically-designed pdfs

Each guide (example) includes:

  • Purpose of Interview
  • Behavioral Questions and Probes (5-6)
  • Positive and Negative Indicators
  • Overall Evaluation

Interview Summary Form.pdf

Using Interview Guides.pdf



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