Role-Specific Technical CompetenciesWith the continuing evolution of the business environment, it has become necessary for companies to adopt a competency framework that is not only sufficiently solid and accurate to provide guidance to your workforce and HR staff, but also flexible enough to account for regular updates – and even additions – to role-specific skills.

In other words, your talent management or competency model should seek to identify the required technical, functional and professional skills for a given role, as well as be easily adaptable to change within your organization.

Let’s get technical

Technical competencies refer to the technical proficiency required for an employee to perform as expected within a job function.

In addition to supporting your hiring process, including a set of technical competencies provides opportunities for continuous learning and growth, which can be perceived as a real performance motivator for employees and a great talent management and retention strategy for your company.

Set it, but don’t forget it: A dynamic process

There is no doubt that when executed skillfully, a set of well-defined and current technical competencies help you hire the right people for the job and, in turn, allow employees to become vital contributors to the success of your organization. After all, when you have a match between the employee’s competencies and those required to effectively perform the task at hand, it’s nothing short of a recruiting success!

However, in times of reorganizations or when a transition occurs within the workplace, it becomes necessary to assess the previously established competencies required to perform a task to ensure that they not only remain relevant to the updated role, but that the employee assigned to the task has retained and adapted to the revised position.

Because technical competencies are so job-specific, there are no competency dictionaries or libraries from which to draw competency definitions. You can however learn how to establish and manage technical competencies by collecting and analyzing the right data at different levels in specific jobs at our interactive 1-day Creating Technical Competencies workshop that can be scheduled on-site at your facility and can be combined with our 3-day Building Competency Models certification workshop.

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