One of the best competencies that strengthens the backbone of any organization is ‘Employee Empowerment’. It is about putting confidence and trust in employees’ ability to get the job done well.

This is especially necessary when assigning a new task to them and delegating bigger responsibilities. Being flexible with the employees and allowing them to decide how to achieve their and the organization’s goals is what empowerment is all about.

If you want to know why competencies like employee empowerment are necessary for the businesses of today, read this guide till the end.

Why do Organizations NEED the ‘Employee Empowerment’ Competency Model?

No organization can function if its employees are not empowered enough to come to the front and deal with the challenges it faces on a regular basis. Some of the key benefits of employee empowerment are:

  • Confident Employees: Running a business is tough – it’s a bloodbath in every industry. However, organizations with empowered employees who’re confident about their skills and ability to get things done thrive no matter how cut-throat the competition is. They’re not the victims of imposter syndrome; they know their worth and employee empowerment helps them recognize it.
  • More Profits: Companies that focus on employee empowerment competency modeling rake in more profits than their competitors because of higher workforce motivation. According to Gallup; companies that have a highly motivated workforce yields 21% more profit.
  • Higher Creativity: According to a meta-analysis done by Harvard, employees that were empowered by subordinates to think for themselves and work with other teams had more creative ideas. This is because when the workforce is not constantly looking at their managers to solve problems for them, they start finding solutions on their own leading to new ideas.
  • Greater Leadership Trust: At the same aforementioned meta-analysis by Harvard, it was also found that employees who are empowered by their leaders are likely to trust their leadership. Empowering means acting as a coach and mentor and guiding and pushing the employees to do a great job. These things raise top-tier talent that ultimately helps in achieving organizational goals fast.

Some Considerations for this Competency Development:

Empowering employees is indeed one of the best competencies. The competency development framework of this competency involves the following considerations:

  • As a leader, being clear about your role and responsibility
  • Ensuring your employees get all the resources and pieces of training to improve
  • Providing guidelines and parameters about empowerment limits
  • Recognizing efforts and behaviors of employees and praising them for their decision making and problem-solving
  • Establishing an environment that promotes experimentation and treats mistakes as learning opportunities

Parting Words:

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